Minecraft Mods 1.20.4 Support

February 10, 2024 by Ryan Bester

I have updated my Minecraft mods to include support for Minecraft 1.20.4. You can download them here:

In the process of updating the mods, I migrated each of them to new build system using Architectury. This will enable me to update the mods quicker for each new Minecraft release, as well as add support for the Quilt mod loader.

Note that as of writing the mods only support Fabric and Forge 1.20.4. Whilst Architectury added support for Quilt, the Quilt libraries have not yet been released for 1.20.4.

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  • Emmery Chrisco says:

    I installed your Spectator Quick Switch mod, but I can’t find any documentation on how to use it. I didn’t see it in Minecraft key bind options either.

    • Ryan Bester says:

      The default keybinding to switch between spectator mode and your previous game mode should be g. If this isn’t working, make sure you have the right permission on your server or cheats are enabled on single player. As for the key bind not showing, what Minecraft version and mod loader are you using? I’ll have a look into this.

      • Emmery A Chrisco says:

        I’m using Minecraft Java (1.19.2 (forge)) with the 1.19.3 version of SQS. I looked in again in the key bind settings, and there’s nothing there for it (not that it matters since you told me it’s ‘g’.
        When trying it out, I forgot to open to lan first and got the “Unable to switch gamemode. No permission” message. After opening to lan with cheats enabled, it does nothing at all.

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